Interstate Specialty Products die cuts Porex® chromatography frits for medical, scientific, and laboratory applications.

ISP has a strong focus on die cutting Porex® chromatography frits from different thicknesses and porosities. Learn more about the advantages and uses for Porex® chromatography frits, and how custom frit manufacturing can support your application and research requirements.

Advantages of Porex® Chromatography Frits

Porex® chromatography frits are made of a porous plastic that’s USP23 approved, non-cytotoxic, and sterilizable by steam and EtO. With its three-dimensional pore structure, Porex® PTFE is a material that offers good control over pore size and pore distribution. It’s also resistant to pore closure under pressure.

Although chromatography frits are also available in polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), Porex® PTFE frits offer several advantages. Suitable for use with most organic solvents, Porex® chromotography frits are ideal for high sensitivity work and trace analysis that’s incompatible with either PE frits or PP frits.*

Applications for Porex® Chromatography Frits

Porex® chromatography frits are used in laboratory-scale liquid and gas filtration. For example, in liquid chromatographic (LC) systems, these disc-like components fit within the solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge and remove unwanted particles.

Porex® PTFE filters are also used in SPE columns and SPE plates to facilitate column concentration to a needle, vacuum manifold, or collection vessel. Porex® chromatography frits hold the column packing in place, and help facilitate the sorbent packing material in each SPE column during analyte separation and retention.

Custom Frit Manufacturing Techniques

Interstate Specialty Products manufacturers Porex® chromatography frits using precision die cutting or digital die-less cutting equipment.

To learn how our frit manufacturing capabilities support your application, contact us on-line or call (800) 984-1811.

*Properties and applications shown throughout this website are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

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