Custom Die Cutting Services and Capabilities


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Bring us your most exacting tolerances. Your most demanding environments. Your latest materials wish list. With a 50-year head start in solving challenging problems with die cutting services, our technical team can provide a custom component that fits the bill.

Die Cutting Components

Die cutting is a proven manufacturing process that creates precision-cut gaskets from non-metallic materials. Specific die cutting techniques vary, but the process generally involves four components:

  • the die, a specialized metal tool for cutting or punching
  • the gasket material, which is converted from sheets or rolls into precise shapes
  • the die cutting machine
  • CNC controlled equipment

Die cutting can create a wide range of gasket sizes, and in low-to-high quantities. Part features such as punched holes with specific radii are readily achievable.

Wide Range of Gasket Sizes, Low-To-High Quanities

Interstate Specialty Products uses precision die cutting, rotary die cutting, and digital knife cutting to create custom gaskets ranging from prototype quantities to full production. By comparing your application requirements and quantities to our production capabilities, we can help you select the best die cutting method for your needs.

While our core competencies include custom die cutting services and digital knife cutting solutions, we also assist in materials selections and other services to help move your project from concept to production as quickly as possible with the highest degree of quality and accuracy.

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