Interstate Specialty Products die cuts filter media for medical and scientific, electronics, and industrial applications.

For over 50 years, our Made in the USA manufacturing company has been die cutting filtration media for air and liquids at our custom fabrication facility in Sutton, Massachusetts.

Learn about the different types of filtration media, and how custom filter media is manufactured.

Filter Media Types and Applications

Filter media is made from porous materials such as Porex®, Typar, Reemay, and polyethersulfone (PES).

  • Porex® filter media is a good choice for depth filters and is used in medical devices, the life sciences, and vents.
  • Typar filter media is used in geotextiles because of its excellent strength, uniformity, and filtration efficiency.
  • Remay filter media is a good choice for some air and liquid filtration applications because of its high tensile strength and good chemical resistance.
  • Polyethersulfone or PES media is used in numerous life science, clinical, and microbiology applications because it is low protein binding.

Filtration media made from woven and nonwoven materials, hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes, and cellulose is also available.

How Custom Filter Media Is Manufactured

Interstate Specialty Products die cuts sheets and rolls of filter media into precise shapes and to exacting tolerances. Our custom fabrication services include cleanroom die cutting and digital knife cutting.

To learn how our filter media manufacturing capabilities meet your requirements, contact us on-line or call (800) 984-1811.

*Properties and applications shown throughout this website are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

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