POREX Virtek® PTFE Vents

ISP offers a standard line of Porex Virtek® IP-rated PTFE vents for medtech, scientific, electronics, and industrial applications.

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Advantages of Porex Virtek® Vents

Used in sealed devices, Porex Virtek® PTFE protection vents allow pressure equalization and ventilation due to temperature changes. They also minimize condensation while keeping out dust, dirt, and liquid moisture. Porex Virtek® sintered PTFE membrane is UL 94 V-0 and UL 746C listed, tested to meet all IP ratings, and can meet NEMA or other test standards.

  • Robust sintered porous structure (safe to handle)
  • Minimizes condensation and prevents the entry of dust, dirt, water and other contaminants
  • Porex® vents are UV and weather resistant, chemically inert, thermally resistant, UL-listed
  • Omni-directional flow
  • Standard data sheet

Applications for Porex Virtek® Vents

  • Electronic applications: The vents are designed to have low acoustic loss, with applications including wind screens for microphones, as well as vents for electronics and sound dampening components.
  • Medical applications: Arterial syringe vents that help to eliminate blood bypass, and self-sealing IV catheter vents.
  • Automotive applications: Ranging from batteries and motors, to fuel filters and gas caps, Porex Virtek® vents are most often used in automotive lighting due to their ability to reduce moisture buildup and condensation

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Stock Porex Virtek® Adhesive Discs

Material Series

PMV15 Additional Options
12.7 / 7.1 Oleophobic & High Temperature Adhesives PMV15TWH


*size P available when I inventory is depleted

*PMV27 Vents available when PMV30 inventory is depleted

*PMV15TWH changing to PMA10 once inventory is depleted

stock product offering

WEP = Water Entry Pressure
RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant
*IEC std. 60529, IP 68 is a user defined test; will pass condition dependent
** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009
***Laminated polyolefin mesh backing

Properties and applications shown throughout this website are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability. The properties listed above are for the membranes only, selected options and adhesives may affect properties.

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