Disruptive Bio-Signal Sensing, Hydrogel-Free Technology for Electrodes and Wearable Devices.

Interstate Specialty Product’s has a long term relationship with FLEXcon, and continues to partner with them on their innovative products.

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Learn more about the advantages of FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™

FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™ is a revolutionary dry biomedical electrode technology developed with patient comfort in mind.

The product utilizes a skin-friendly, medical grade conductive adhesive that requires no hydrogel or Ag/AgCl to get a signal, offering a hydrogel-free patient experience.

FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™  has been awarded more than 100 patents worldwide.

Approved component in customer 510(k) and CE marked finished good medical devices:

  • Passes AAMI and ISO 10993-10 for sensitization and irritation.
  • Approved by the FDA for use in electrodes and wearables.

Improved Performance Over Hydrogel-Based Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

  • Independent clinical studies show performance equivalent to hydrogel-based electrodes.
  • Humidity will not impact function.
  • Components are suitable for both diagnostic and therapeutic devices.
  • They can be incorporated into sEMG devices and can distinguish between sympathetic and parasympathetic responses for EDA applications.

How FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™ Reduces Waste and Lowers Cost

  • Substantial cost savings for medical electrode and device manufacturers.
  • Two year out-of-pack shelf life – no need to throw away unused electrodes.
  • No expensive barrier packaging required.

At ISP, we connect with the most innovative suppliers of materials and specialize in converting these materials. FLEXcon® OMNI-WAVE™ is a material that we can source, convert and provide to you as a complete component. Reach out for learn more information. [email protected]

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