Formex is a proprietary polypropylene that combines dielectric strength with UL-94 flame resistance. Formex can resist the absorption of moisture, making it a good choice for outdoor applications, such as IP cameras and access control systems.

Interstate Specialty Products die cuts Formex insulation for medtech, electronics, and industrial applications. For over 60 years, our Made in the USA manufacturing company has been die cutting thermal and electrical insulation materials at our custom fabrication facility in Sutton, Massachusetts.

Interstate Specialty Products can die cut Formex sheets, slit Formex rolls, and process panels made from this reliable flame retardant and electrical insulator. Applications include:

  • electrical and power distribution systems
  • medical equipment
  • conventional and uninterruptible power supplies
  • automotive products

Formex Material Properties

The material properties of Formex electrical insulation also make it suitable for use in fabricated parts such as air flow baffles, EMI/RFI shielding, and wire and cable harnesses. Because this fire-resistant material can be folded and bent repeatedly without cracking, it’s used as an alternative to molded or sheet metal.

Depending upon your application requirements, Interstate Specialty Products may recommend Formex insulation in place of specialty papers, thermoplastic materials, and injection-molded parts. Ask us about special grades of Formex such as Statex, which is used for static-sensitive gasket insulation.

Interstate Specialty Products is ready to custom manufacture your Formex parts and provide just-in-time deliveries. To learn how we use our insulation manufacturing capabilities to support your application, contact us on-line or call (800) 984-1811.

*Properties and applications shown throughout this website are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

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