Poron foams provide sealing and cushioning in thin displays, medical devices, electronic enclosures, and automotive and industrial applications.

Poron foams die cut cleanly and are easy to fabricate into custom gaskets and cushioning pads. These cellular urethanes range from super-soft to very firm, and support the use of a wide range of adhesives. Made by Rogers Corporation, Poron microcellular urethanes are recommended for long-term sealing and impact management . Design engineers can choose from many different formulas, and select materials with varying thicknesses.

Why Choose Poron Foams?

Precision die cutting techniques vary, but include the following components:
Poron’s excellent compression set resistance helps to prevent permanent material deformation that can cause custom gaskets to leak, or shock isolation pads to fail during impact. These materials are inherently flame-retardant without the use of additives, and are free from plasticizers that can corrode metal or cause embrittlement. They also provide chemical resistance and support engineering designs over a wide modulus range.

Poron Foam Materials for Sealing, Gasketing, and Cushioning

Poron gaskets can be die cut from many different types or grades of Poron cellular foams. Examples include the 4701 and 4790 families of materials.

Poron Product Hardness Thicknesses Application Notes
Poron 4701-30 Very Soft From 0.021” Easily compressed
Poron 4701-40 Soft 0.031” to 0.500”

0.79mm to 12.7mm

Fuel tank isolator pads and SUV tail lights
Poron 4701-50 Firm 0.012” to 0.500”

0.30mm to 12.7mm

Shock absorption for high-energy impacts
Poron 4701-60 Very Firm 0.021” to 0.500”

053mm to 12.7mm

Energy management for enclosure  gaskets
Poron 4790-92 Extra Soft 0.021” to 0.500”

053mm to 12.7mm

Slow rebound with very low closure force
Poron foam materials are also available for low-compression force sealing; electronic devices, thin displays, and industrial sealing; electrical conductivity and EMI shielding; and specific requirements such as UL 94 flame resistance.

Low-Compression Force Sealing

Poron AquaPro 37

Poron AquaPro 37 foams for low-compression force sealing prevent the ingress of water and resist automotive fluids. These flame-retardant urethane foams meet UL 94 HBF and FMVSS 302 requirements. They also perform reliably between 40°C and 90°C for constant use, and can withstand intermittent temperatures of 120°C. Because they do not contain plasticizers, Poron Aqua Pro 37 foams are environmentally-friendly and have low outgassing.

Poron AquaPro 4701-41

Sponge silicone gaskets are made of sponge-like silicone compounds that provide cushioning and padding. Interstate die cuts both basic types of sponge silicone materials: open-cell and closed-cell.
Poron AquaPro 4701-41 foams also provide tight sealing under low compression force. These microcellular urethane foams contain greater closed-cell content, and are recommended for applications that require vacuum sealing. Poron AquaPro 4701-41 urethane foams come in standard thicknesses that range from 0.031” to 0.500” (0.79mm to 12.7mm). All grades are engineered to be soft, and provide excellent sealability.

Poron Condux Plus Foam for Electrically Conductivity and EMI Shielding

Poron Condux Plus provides reliable grounding and effective shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). With its low electrical resistance, this high-performance foam offers high electrical conductivity. Because Poron Condux Plus maintains its thickness over time, product designs can achieve more consistent electrical connections. This cellular urethane foam also supports die cutting with clean, straight edges for optimum performance.

Specialty Poron Foams for Die Cut Shapes and UL 94 Gaskets

Interstate Specialty Products uses precision die cutting to convert these and other types of Poron foam materials, including Poron DuraShape foams for fast, accurate die cut shapes. Other types of specialty urethane foams include the Poron Soft Seal Series, which is designed for sealing at 6 pounds per cubic foot. Interstate also die cuts Poron V-0 foam, a polyurethane that’s designed to meet all UL 94 requirements for both the V-0 and HBF flammability ratings.

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*Properties and applications shown throughout this website are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

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