When looking for the next level of clean, look no further than ISP.

When designing a filtration device or component, you’re striving for the next level of cleanliness. Assessing and measuring purity is a top priority for you, and for us as well.

Processing liquids, gases, and biological compounds demand die-cut filter media, sealing materials, and die-cut filter components that require meeting exact specifications.

At ISP, we understand how to meet the requirements of the environment where your filtration device will ultimately operate — hospitals, schools, workplaces, etc.

No matter where your device will be, ISP will get it there with consistent delivery of the precise tolerances and high standards that a filtration application requires.

When you contact us, you’ll find a wide range of materials with different flow levels to choose from that will meet your precise requirements.

Custom die-cut filters for various filtration devices.

We produce custom die-cut filters for various applications using digital knife cutting and high-speed automated die cutting.

We’ve invested in a range of forward-thinking die-cutting technologies, providing our filtration device clients additional in-line processes for:

  • Slitting
  • Multi-layer lamination
  • Special packaging

The types of non-metallic materials we can convert vary in texture, complexity, and format. Here are a few of the most common filtration components we fabricate:

  • Filter media
  • Speciality gaskets
  • Membrane filters
  • Porex porous plastics

If you have a material you’ve already manufactured or sourced, please send us a sample, and we’ll be glad to perform some trials for you.

Contact us online or give us a call at 800-984-1811 to get started.

Porex® Porous Plastics

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Membrane filters

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Filter Media

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Specialty gaskets

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