Interstate Specialty Products die cuts Gore GR gaskets for medtech, scientific, electronics, and industrial applications.

For over 60 years, our Made in the USA manufacturing company has been die cutting custom gaskets at our custom fabrication facility in Sutton, Massachusetts.

Learn about the advantages of Gore GR material, and how Gore GR gaskets are used and made.

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Advantages of Gore GR Material

Gore GR, from W.L. Gore, is made from expanded PTFE (ePTFE), a sealing agent that provides greater resistance to creep and cold flow than polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic fluoropolymer that is prone to deformation.

Like PTFE, Gore GR resists corrosive chemicals and high temperatures (up to 500° F). Gore GR material also provides excellent dielectric properties along with high tensile strength.

Applications for Gore GR Gaskets

Gore GR gaskets are used in applications that require dimensional stability. For example, to help prevent fractures caused by flange misalignment, extreme flange deviation, and improper gasket loading.*

Gore GR gaskets are also used in applications that involve aggressive chemicals or high-purity media. For blow-out resistance and sealing damaged flange surfaces, custom gaskets made from sheets of Gore GR are a good choice.

How Gore GR Gaskets Are Manufactured

Interstate Specialty Products can die cut sheets of Gore GR material to exacting tolerances, and supply Gore GR gaskets with fabric supports and adhesive backings.

To learn more about our Gore GR gasket manufacturing capabilities, including digital knife cutting, contact us online or call (800) 984-1811.

*Properties and applications shown throughout this website are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

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