All Die Cut Parts Aren’t The Same. Ours meet your requirements.

Interstate Specialty Products is the converter you need for custom components ranging in applications, from medical, scientific and filtration to electronics and industrial. All die cut components are not the same, ours meet your requirements saving you time and money.

Types of Die Cut Components

Interstate uses precision die cutting and digital knife cutting to create die cut parts such as:

We also die cut products such as Porex® chromatography frits, vents, washers, and connector gaskets.

Die Cut Products That Add Value

Die cut products from Interstate are high-quality, cost-effective components that meet tight tolerances in low-to-high production runs. In addition to meeting all of your application requirements, we support your operations by offering easy-to-install die cut parts on-demand.

Made in the USA Die Cut Components

For over 50 years, Interstate has been producing die cut parts at our Made in the USA manufacturing facility in Sutton, Massachusetts. View the die cut products section below for more information, and please contact us with your questions. Which die cut parts do you need for your application?

Vents LP

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Porex® Chromatography Frits

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Membrane Filters

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Filter Media

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Custom Gaskets

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EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets

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