Our customers are the best in their industries.

And we’re experts at understanding their Custom Die Cutting needs.

Each one of our custom die cutting customers has a unique set of priorities—specific tolerances, regulatory demands, or production nuances essential to their business. Interstate Specialty Products delivers more than 50 years’ experience in getting the job done right. We meet deadlines. We meet specifications. We add value.

It is this experience that lets us ramp up quickly on complex production requirements, and helps customers supplement in-house capabilities by drawing on our team’s diverse expertise. We are able to bring practical insight into the development and production of custom die cut components.

The ISP team can quickly become a proactive partner in custom die cutting reliable components—refined, produced, and delivered with excellent customer service.

Medical & Scientific

Die cutting solutions for scientific research, development, as well as medical applications and devices. Our capabilities and ISO 13485 quality standards bring our customers the expertise and knowledge needed from R&D through to full size production in clinical, biotech and commercial applications.


The processing of liquids, gases, and biological compounds demands die cut filter media, sealing materials, and die cut filter components that meet exacting specifications. We deliver the precise tolerances and high standards these applications require.


Continuous innovation, rapid prototyping and speed-to-market are qualities that distinguish our work in the electronic component manufacturing space. We help our customers leverage the latest advances through our die cutting processes, including digital knife cutting technology.

Industrial Gaskets

Customers rely on us for industrial die cut components across a variety of applications. We are experts in working with specialized materials made for chemical compatibility, high temperature, electrical conductivity, vibration isolation, and much more.

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