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Rubber Gaskets


Rubber gaskets from Interstate are made of elastomeric materials and manufactured to your exact specifications for sealing and insulation in medical, scientific, electronics, and industrial applications.

Types of Rubber Gaskets

Interstate Specialty Products manufactures rubber gaskets from a wide variety of elastomeric materials, according to your exact dimensional specifications, and by achieving tight tolerances for low, medium, and high-volume production runs. We use die cutting and digital die-less cutting to convert sheets and rolls of rubber materials, and can apply adhesive backings to create custom gaskets that are easy-to-install.

Rubber Gasket Manufacturing

For over 50 years, Interstate has specialized in manufacturing these gaskets for demanding applications. We can recommend the right rubber for your project, or use customer-supplied materials. In addition to die cutting and digital cutting, our capabilities include slitting and laminating of the rubber. Here at our facility in Sutton, Massachusetts, we’re ready to create the custom gaskets that you need.

Types of Rubber Gaskets

Interstate custom-fabricates elastomeric gaskets from natural rubber (NR) and synthetic rubber (SR) materials using not only solid elastomers, but also sponge and foam rubber. We manufacture custom rubber gaskets from specialized and proprietary elastomers, too. The types  we fabricate include:

  • EPDM gaskets for heat, ozone, animal and vegetable oils, and strong and oxidizing chemicals
  • Fabric-supported rubber gaskets for dimensional stability and EMI shielding
  • Natural rubber gaskets for dynamic sealing and tear and abrasion resistance, resistant to most moderate chemicals and organic acids
  • Neoprene gaskets for moderate resistance to chemicals and acids, ozone, oils, fats, and greases
  • Nitrile or Buna-N gaskets for petroleum-based fluids such as gasoline, also generally resistant to fats, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, and chemicals
  • Santoprene gaskets for high-temperature and low-temperature flexibility
  • Silicone gaskets for elevated temperature resistance, EMI shielding, Medical, FDA, and sanitary applications
  • Viton gaskets, FKM a fluoroelastomer is resistant to industrial fluids and extreme temperatures as well as halogenated hyrdocarbons, acids, animal and vegetable oils
  • Hypalon gaskets, similar to Neoprene with improved acid resistance
  • Urethane gaskets are resistant to Ozone, hydrocarbons, moderate chemicals, as well as fats, oils, and greases

Interstate also fabricates rubber gaskets from medical, commercial, and other grades of elastomeric materials.

EPDM Rubber Gaskets

  • EPDM Rubber GasketsProvide excellent heat, ozone, water, and weather resistance for environmental sealing
  • A good thermal and electrical insulator, but exhibits poor compatibility with petroleum products and concentrated acids

To create EPDM gaskets, Interstate die cuts solid, sponge, and foam EPDM, including peroxide-cure, FDA-approved, and UL 94 EPDM rubber.

Fabric-Supported Rubber Gaskets

  • Usually made of EPDM, neoprene, silicone, or nitrile (Buna-N) sheet materials
  • The materials are reinforced with synthetic fabrics such as Nomex, nylon, fiberglass, polyester, or rayon
  • These fabrics impart dimensional stability along with additional properties such as EMI shielding or flame resistance. Interstate die-cuts fabric-reinforced rubber sheets and also offers digital die-less cutting.

Natural Rubber Gaskets

  • Provide excellent shock resistance and dynamic sealing
  • May experience ozone cracking when subjected to tension
  • In the absence of tension, NR gaskets can resist shear and compression set for long periods of time.
  • Natural rubber or NR latex is cost-effective

Interstate uses precision die cutting to create NR rubber gaskets that meet all of your requirements.

Neoprene Gaskets

  • Provide greater resistance to water, oils, solvents, and heat than natural rubber gaskets
  • Neoprene rubber also provides good resistance to abrasion, flames, ozone, and weathering
  • Lower-cost commercial grades of neoprene are available, but higher-grade neoprene gaskets may be recommended for harsher chemical environments.

Nitrile Gaskets and Buna-N Gaskets

  • Good physical properties and resist water and many chemicals.
  • Gaskets made of Buna or NBR are also an excellent choice for use with fats, silicone greases, hydraulic fluids, oils, and petroleum-based fluids

Using either die cutting or digital cutting, Interstate can convert commercial, premium, military, and FDA grades of Buna rubber into seals and gaskets.

Santoprene Gaskets

  • Made of flexible, engineered polymers that offer temperature resistance and electrical insulation
  • A type of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Santoprene provides the flexibility and durability of natural rubber, but lasts longer in hot and cold temperatures.

Interstate die cuts Santoprene gaskets from sheet materials with or without fabric supports, and can apply adhesives.

Silicone Gaskets

  • Silicone Rubber GasketsProvide environmental sealing along with high and low temperature stability
  • They have good dielectric properties and can be manufactured from particle-filled silicones for EMI shielding
  • Non-toxic and chemically-inert silicone gaskets are also used in sanitary applications.

Interstate can create gaskets from silicones that meet UL 94 requirements or have FDA approvals.

Viton Gaskets

  • Resist harsh acids
  • Perform well in high-temperature environments with aggressive fuels or chemicals such as hydraulic fluids, strong bases, and petroleum products
  • This fluorinated elastomer or FKM polymer also have low burning characteristics

Interstate uses die cutting and digital cutting to create Viton gaskets from sheets of solid or sponge materials.

Choose Rubber Gaskets from Interstate

Do you need gaskets for medical and scientific, electronics, or industrial applications? Would you like to learn more about die cutting or digital die-less cutting for gasket fabrication? Interstate Specialty Products specializes in rubber gasket manufacturing, and offers precision die cutting and digital die-less cutting

To learn more about rubber gaskets from Interstate, contact us on-line or call (800) 984-1811.

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