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Custom Gaskets


Custom gaskets from Interstate provide superior sealing and insulation for medical and scientific, electronics, industrial, and filtration applications.

Custom gasket manufacturing is ideal for non-metallic materials and includes both precision die-cutting and digital die-less cutting. As part of our custom gasket capabilities, Interstate offers large format cutting and adhesive laminating services.

custom gasketsInterstate Specialty Products manufactures custom gaskets from non-metallic materials such as rubber, Gore GR, Poron, and Teflon / PTFE. We can recommend the right gasket material for your application, or use customer-supplied materials. For over 50 years, Interstate has specialized in custom gasket manufacturing. Here at our facility in Sutton, Massachusetts, we offer both die cutting and digital die-less cutting services.

Rubber Custom Gaskets

Custom rubber gaskets from Interstate meet all of your application requirements. Rubber custom gasketsWe achieve tight tolerances, and fabricate custom gaskets in the quantities that you need. Interstate die cuts specialty gaskets from a wide range of elastomers, including natural and synthetic rubbers, solid elastomers, and sponge and foam elastomeric materials. We can also create custom gaskets from specialized or proprietary elastomers.

Ask Interstate to create rubber custom gaskets like these for your next project.

From low-volume runs to high-volume quantities, choose Interstate for custom gasket manufacturing

Gore GR Custom Gaskets

Custom Gore GR gaskets from Interstate resist corrosive chemicals and high temperatures while providing excellent dielectric properties and dimensional stability. Gore GR Custom GasketsTo create these specialty gaskets, Interstate converts Gore GR sheet gasketing, an expanded PTFE (ePTFE) from W.L. Gore & Associates. Custom gaskets made of this ePTFE provide greater resistance to creep and cold flow than PTFE, which is prone to deformation. 

Interstate die-cuts sheets of Gore GR material to exacting tolerances, and can supply custom Gore GR gaskets with adhesive backings. Adhesive backings promote ease-of-installation, especially with peel-and-stick gaskets that use pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSAs)

Poron Custom Gaskets

Poron custom gaskets from Interstate provide shock absorption and impact protection along with sealing and insulation with excellent compression set resistance. Poron Custom GasketsThey’re made of Poron microcellular urethanes from Rogers Corporation, and are available in different types or grades such as Condux Plus foams for electrical resistance and Poron V-0 foam for UL94 flame resistance. Often, Poron foams for specialty gaskets are used in portable electronics.

Interstate uses precision die-cutting or digital die-less cutting to create custom Poron gaskets from sheets, rolls, or finished spools. Because Poron has a skin on both sides, PSAs are easy-to-apply. Moreover, Poron custom gaskets support the use of a number of different adhesives. Specialty gaskets made of Poron foam can also meet exacting tolerances, an important consideration in small handheld devices such as cell phones.

Teflon Custom Gaskets and PTFE Custom Gaskets

Teflon / PTFE custom gaskets from Interstate provide excellent thermal insulation and resist corrosive chemicals. Teflon, the DuPont brand name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), is a good choice when improved resistance to creep and cold flow is not required. Custom gaskets made of pure PTFE are chemically inert and water-resistant, but tend to deform under use.

Interstate can die-cut your Teflon custom gaskets to exacting tolerances, and supply PTFE custom gaskets with fabric supports and adhesive backings. We can manufacture Teflon gaskets from virgin PTFE, or gasket materials that contain PTFE and various fillers for improved resistance to strong acids or caustics. 

Choose Custom Gasket Manufacturing from Interstate

Do you need custom gaskets for medical and scientific, electronics, industrial, or filtration applications? Custom GasketsDo you need specialty gaskets made of non-metallic materials such as rubber, Gore GR, Poron, or Teflon / PTFE? Interstate Specialty Products specializes in custom gasket manufacturing, and offers both precision die cutting and digital die-less cutting. How can we meet your custom gasket needs?

To learn more about custom gasket manufacturing from Interstate, contact us on-line or call (800) 984-1811. 

*Properties and applications shown throughout this website are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.


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