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Get ISP’s Diagnostic Test Strips Infographic

The market for diagnostic test strips is growing. That’s good news if you’re a biomedical startup or an established manufacturer. But are you ready to make the most of this opportunity? Without the right partner, you might get your product to market too late.

Have you found the best chromatography frits, wicking materials, or Porex® PTFE membranes? You’ll need die cutting services that add value, too. Discovering new markets is important, but you can’t reach them with the right materials and manufacturing.

Get ISP’s Diagnostic Strips Infographic and learn:

  • Detection and monitoring applications that use diagnostic test strips
  • Which sensitive membrane materials are used in clinical science and biomedical applications
  • Production requirements including ISO 13485:2016 certification
  • Where to look for opportunities in rapidly growing global markets
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