• Shelf Life of Rubber Products

    Shelf Life of Rubber Products

    Rubber products can remain in inventory for long periods of time. Shelf life, the storage period prior to part installation, varies by elastomer type. Storage conditions such as temperature, humidity, ozone, and exposure to light…

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  • Porex Image 1

    Porex® Wicking Material: Die Cut Components for Wicking Fluids

    Die cut components for wicking fluids are used in medical, bioscience, and filtration applications. They are made of porous plastic materials with open-celled structures and omni-directional pores. Depending on your application, a specific POREX wicking…

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  • High Purity PTFE Products

    High-Purity PTFE Products

    High-purity PTFE products are used in medical, laboratory, scientific, and other applications where cleanliness is essential. They’re made of specialized grades of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic fluoropolymer that’s available under a variety of brand names,…

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  • poron banner

    Poron Foams for Compression Set Resistance

    Poron foams are a family of cellular urethanes that have excellent compression set resistance. Made by Rogers Corporation, these urethane foams die cut cleanly and are a good choice for shock isolation pads, cushions, and enclosure…

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  • your solution

    Die-Cut Hook and Loop Materials (Velcro) for Fastening

    Interstate Specialty Products die cuts hook and loop materials such as Velcro® brand products for mechanical fastening. Strong, easy-to-use, and long-lasting, hook and loop fabrics are made of woven, non-woven or knit materials such as…

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  • die cut fluorozone gaskets from interstate 300x164

    Die-Cut Fluorozone Gaskets for High Heat and Industrial Fluids

    Interstate Specialty Products die cuts Fluorozone, a premium-performance FKM fluoroelastomer with a temperature range of -20° F to 400° F. With its high fluorine content (66%), Fluorozone exhibits good resistance to many aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids….

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  • thermal insulation 1 150x150

    Die-Cut Thermal Insulation for High Temperatures

    Interstate Specialty Products die cuts thermal insulation made of closed-cell EPDM foams for high-temperature applications such as HVAC systems and electronic equipment. Using precision die cutting, we convert rolls or sheets of thermally-insulating materials into…

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  • headphones 300x300

    Die-Cut Acoustic Fabrics and Acoustic Meshes

    Interstate Specialty Products die cuts acoustic fabrics for applications that require sound dampening or acoustic transparency. Acoustic meshes like Saati’s Acoustex family of products also provide heat and moisture venting, environmental resistance, and support for…

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  • die cut urethane gaskets 300x208

    Die-Cut Urethane Gaskets for Harsh Environments

    Interstate Specialty Products die cuts custom gaskets made of cast urethanes for applications that require resistance to abrasion, cracking, flexing, impact, tear, and heavy loads. Examples of these strong but versatile materials include cast urethane…

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  • vibration isolation and shock resistance 300x200

    Die-Cut Insulation for Vibration Isolation and Shock Resistance

    Interstate Specialty Products die cuts elastomeric materials for vibration damping, shock control, sound blocking, and noise absorption. Examples of these isolating and cushioning materials include open-cell foams such as Poron® and Bisco® from Rogers Corporation….

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  • condux plus sheets 273x300

    Die-Cut Condux Plus Electrically-Conductive Foam

    Condux Plus from Rogers Corporation is an electrically-conductive foam that provides outstanding protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Designed for use in mobile Internet and other handheld devices, this high-performance foam also has consistent mechanical properties….

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  • die cut polypropylene 240x300

    Die-Cut ITW Formex for Flame Retardant Electrical Insulation

    ITW Formex materials are flame-retardant grades of polypropylene that have high dielectric strength, low moisture absorption, and a UL 94V-0 flame class rating. Used mainly as an electrical insulator, Formex and Formex GK also exhibit…

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