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Today's materials offer a variety of advantages and options.

We convert them all—including yours.

At Interstate Specialty Products, die-cut components can be fabricated out of a wide array of materials to meet your precise requirements.
Are you looking to leverage the quality and performance benefits of a proven material like rubber or PVC? Do you want to see how the latest films and plastics can improve your product's production or operation? Need a partner who can work carefully and securely with proprietary material you supply?
We understand the importance of matching the right material to the task.  Our technology ensures a smooth conversion and manufacturing process. Our team helps you to optimize the performance of your product with the right material selection.
Die Cut Acoustic mesh permits the passage of sound.

Acoustic Mesh

Open weave acoustic fabrics permit that passage of sounds, and can serve as a barrier to water and contaminants. Interstate die cuts various acoustic media and laminates acoustically transparent materials into multi-layer components.

fish paper, mylar, Formex, and Kapton Insulation


Materials that have excellent dielectric strength along with resistance to heat, cold, moisture, chemicals, and radiation. Learn more about products made from materials such as fish paper, mylar, Formex, and Kapton.

Porex Porous Polymers

Porex Porous Polymers

As the Preferred Converter for Porex®, we offer precision cutting and fabrication of Porex® sheets, rods, and tubes for a wide range of applications

Porex membranes


Custom die cut membranes are used for filtration and venting. Let us die cut custom membranes for you.

Sponge foam

Sponge and Foam

Open- and closed-cell options using a variety of polymers and elastomers. Frequently used in sealing, gasketing, packaging, medical, and scientific applications. 

Solid elastonomers

Solid Elastomers

Finding an elastomer to address your temperature, application, media, and pressure variables is simplified—with more material choices and an experienced team to offer advice.

Plastics films

Plastics and Films

Choose from a tremendous variety of thin films and plastics.  Rigid and flexible options in thicknesses from .001" film to 1/2" rigid plastic.

Silicone Membrane

Silicone PDMS Membrane

PDMS membrane is used as a barrier to liquids and a permeable path for gaseous elements and compounds. Standard thicknesses range from .005” to .040”.

Electrical insulation

Electrical Insulation

For appliances, automotive assemblies, battery packs, circuit boards, instruments, and wire harnesses—we have the right materials for your specification.

Poron Foam

Poron Foam

Poron microcellular urethane foam is recommended for long-term sealing and impact management. Poron die-cuts cleanly and is easily fabricated into custom gaskets and cushioning pads.